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Peaceful morning in West Lake

July 12, 2016

Hanoi largest natural lake of Ho Tay, or West Lake has become a popular destination for the capital’s inhabitants to do exercise in the morning and afternoon.

Thanh Nien Street which runs between West Lake and Truc Bach Lake has some exercise equipment installed outdoor.

There are always people doing exercise by the lake. On the hot summer days, people even go to the section on Quang Khanh Street to swim in the lake despite the concerns over water quality.

West Lake is also used for rowing practice.

Peaceful morning in West Lake

Dozens of people go for a run or morning yoga by the lake

Peaceful morning in West Lake

West Lake is especially popular with elderly people

Peaceful morning in West Lake 


Doing push-ups on the rail of the lake


On hot days, many people go for a swim



Running at noon

Cyclists on West lake


Rowers practice on West Lake

Rowers practice on West Lake

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