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There can be little doubt that Latium meant originally the land of the LATINI, and that in this, as in almost all other cases in ancient history, the name of the people preceded, instead of being derived from, that of the country. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. It was given the name of Rome, perhaps because in bygone days the Tiber had been called Rumon. About BC, the first people were making their way across the Alps into Italy. Besides these distinct foci of volcanic action, there remain in several parts of the Campagna spots where sulphureous and other vapours are still evolved in considerable quantities, so as to constitute deposits of sulphur available for economic purposes.
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How Rome was founded on the Palatine Hill

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Rome, early history

This took place in BC. Reorganization of Empire There are no simple clues for the novice as to whether a vowel is long or short. Only southern Italy, occupied by a disunited group of Greek city-states, remained independent. Latium , ancient area in west-central Italy , originally limited to the territory around the Alban Hills, but extending by about bc south of the Tiber River as far as the promontory of Mount Circeo. Not until the reign of Pope Alexander VI — did the papacy make a determined attempt to assert authority over the whole state.
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Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography (), LATIUM

Origin and Affinities of the Latins. Thus Cato represented the Aborigines whom he appears to have identified with the Siculi as of Hellenic or Greek extraction Cato, ap. Hence, after a vain appeal to Rome for the establishment of a more equitable arrangement, the Latins, as well as the Volscians, took part with the Campanians in the war of that year, and shared in their memorable defeat at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. American Book Company However much she had suffered, most of her neighbours seem to have suffered more. The land of the Latins, or Latium in its original sense, formed the southern part of the great basin through which the Tiber flows to the sea, and which is bounded by the Ciminian Hills, and other ranges of volcanic hills connected with them,towards the N.
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They worshipped many gods and believed that these would help them in every moment of life. Berlin, published before the survey of Sir W. From the same cause it must have proceeded that when the Latini ceased to [p. What the Latins needed was a bulwark across the usual line of Etruscan advance. On the other hand, we may fairly admit as historical the fact, that, at the period of the foundation or first origin of Rome, the Latin people constituted a national league, composed of numerous independent cities, at the head of which stood Alba, which exercised a certain supremacy over the rest. All societies of people develop languages.
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