Equine sperm breeding dose calculations

Oftentimes you can smell the urine, but you can also use an Azostix and see if it turns green at 10 seconds. Think of that second dose as backup insurance, not 2 for 1! The Kenney extender is effective in preserving the motility, vigor and fertility of stallion semen after 24 hours of cold storage, whereas the Foote extender is not acceptable. Those factors that will most affect the quality of cooled transported semen include; extender type, dilution rate, cooling rate, transport container, storage temperature, storage time and insemination dose. But semen evaluations are not always black and white, and there are many types of tests your veterinarian can perform. If pregnancy does not result from breeding during one estrous cycle, expenses are multiplied as additional breeding s will be necessary.
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ALL NEW EQUINE BREEDERS II SOFTWARE for Equine Breeding Facilities, Veterinarians and Universities

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Stallion Management and Semen Collection

Such structural defects are called compensable defects, as they can be neutralized by morphologically normal sperm when present in sufficient numbers. The color-overlays on the playback image and the results may be turned on or off. How do you know if there is a problem with semen quality? So the sperm in the 2 nd dose are not going to magically live another 2 days longer, just because they are still in the box. Equine semen does not tolerate cooling, freezing and the manipulation needed for processing as well as other species. Before shipping semen, the attending veterinarian or a representative for the veterinarian should clarify several points with the stallion manager.
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kington :: Stallion management, Semen collection, Freezing and Storage

This extender forms a gel at refrigerated temperature, so it must be warmed prior to insemination. There are no clear cut recommendations on what is the recommended dose. To determine the volume of semen to package for shipment, divide the desired number of progressively motile sperm usually million in an insemination dose by the product of the concentration times percent motility at the end of the storage period. Others can watch for the flagging of the tail that indicates ejaculation. The second problem occurs when the quality of the semen sample is lacking problems with motility and morphology.
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So the sperm in the 2 nd dose are not going to magically live another 2 days longer, just because they are still in the box. Every year we dummy train young stallions in a safe environment within our purpose built stud facility. Legal Disclaimer Privacy Policy Employees. Equally important, an estimation can be made of the total number of sperm that will need to be processed in order to provide an insemination dose of cooled semen that should maximize pregnancy rates. Osmolarity and acidity are critical factors in the preparation of an extender. Any dirt or fecal material within the caudal vestibule should be removed during the washing process to prevent contamination of the anterior reproductive tract during insemination. How do you know if there is a problem with semen quality?
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